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    Habs draft årgång 2018

    Habs draft årgång 2018

    Efter några trader på lördagen blev Montreals slutresultat i draften 2018, 11 draftade spelare 2018, 2 draftval i den femte rundan 2019 för 1 draftval i den sjunde rundan 2019 och målvakten Hayden Hawkey.

    Här är en kronologisk genomgång av vad som hände under lördag och söndag minus den kalabalik som uppstod på twitter då många trodde att Max Pacioretty hade tradats till San Jose. Om det verkligen var en trade på gång som föll ihop pga att Pacioretty inte ville signa ett nytt kontrakt direkt med San Jose eller om det bara var draftnerver hos en del insiders får vi nog inte veta förrän tidigast runt den 1 juli. Det som vi vet är sant är att Max Pacioretty har lämnat sin agent Pat Brisson och att han numera representeras av Allan Walsh.

    Här följer en kort presentation med hur de rankades innan draften och några kommentarer från några scouter av alla spelare Habs valde i årets draft

    #3 Jesperi Kotkaniemi, C, Ässät, 188 cm, 86 kg, FIN
    Hockeyprospects #8
    Future Considerations #13
    ISS Hockey #16
    McKeen's Hockey #13
    NHL Central Scouting #6 (EU skaters)
    Grant McCagg (Recrutes) #3
    Cam Robinson (Dobber Prospects) #7

    Bob McKenzie/TSN #5

    Så här beskrivs Kotkaniemi av några olika scouter:
    ”He's a really good player”, said one scout who has him firmly ranked in his top four. “There's nothing that he can't do in my opinion. I saw an improvement through the year in his skating for sure. He can increase his overall speed but that will come. I have no problem with that. I don't see it being an issue with him at all.”
    “I think his skill level is really good too,” said another scout. “I see a bit of Barkov in him. Everyone thought he was a little heavy-footed too in his draft year, but still, he has the puck, makes plays, strong....protects the puck well. He has all the attributes to be a first-line center.
    “When I saw him at the 5 Nations he's just a really impressive player,”
    “I think there were some skating concerns early but those are gone now. He could be that Dubois or Barkov from this draft.”
    ”A smart forward with a dangerous shot, Kotkaniemi possesses a high hockey IQ and determination with the skills to back it up. Positions himself well and often seems to be a step ahead of plays. Stickhandling and creativity allow him to split professional defences as a teenager. Decent size and frame, yet a very capable skater.”

    #35 Jesse Ylönen, RW, Pelicans, 185 cm, 76 kg, FIN
    Hockeyprospects #35
    Future Considerations #58
    ISS Hockey #55
    McKeen's Hockey #36
    NHL Central Scouting #28 (EU skaters)
    Grant McCagg (Recrutes) #33
    Cam Robinson (Dobber Prospects) #41

    Bob McKenzie/TSN #37

    “I’m not sure why it is, but some European kids just takes a little longer to mature,” said one scout. “Look at Teuvo Teravainen a few years ago, and Elias Pettersson last year. You would think they
    were just starting high school, and you say to yourself, how could they ever compete at the NHL level being that skinny?”
    ”an extremely agile forward and quick stickhandler who likes to play the game at a high pace,”
    ”One of the swiftest skaters in the draft, Ylönen is a blur on the ice, but maintains control of the puck with relative ease. Not only that, he is both a setup man and a finisher on the ice. He’ll work to iron out some defensive flaws in Liiga play next year, but this is a pick that will be sure to thrill Habs fans.”

    #38 Alexander Romanov, back, Krasnaya Armiya Moskva, 181 cm, 84 kg
    Hockeyprospects #156
    Future Considerations #179
    ISS Hockey ---
    McKeen's Hockey ---
    NHL Central Scouting #115 (EU skaters)
    Grant McCagg (Recrutes) #76
    Cam Robinson (Dobber Prospects) ---

    Bob McKenzie/TSN #83

    ”The 5-11 blueliner made scouts stand up and take notice with his eye-opening offensive performance at the World Junior Challenge where he scored four goals in just four games. In later U-18 events he also showed that he could take care of his own end with decents smarts and mobility.”
    ”Having suited up for Team Russia at the Under-18 World Championship, he has drawn praise for his ability to skate with the puck, and his laser of a slapshot.”
    ”While still a bit of a project overall, he can handle himself well on both sides of the puck, but his size may be a factor moving forward, and some scouts question the ceiling of his overall puck-distribution skills.”
    ”Smooth lateral movement means he’s solid one-on-one defender. However, he could stand to improve his defensive decision-making. From his position on defense, he’s proven that he can score goals. On the power play, he’s a dependable option. He’s a totally offensively minded blueliner and he’s always looking for a route to carry the puck out of the defensive zone.”
    ” He can be used in every situation (Power play, penalty kill, late/close draws) and displays reliability in all three zones. Romanov finds openings once inside the opposing blue line thanks to quick feet, awareness and showing a strong desire to gain control of the puck. He has a devastating shot — wrist or slap — and can score from distances well above the circles.”
    ”He’s not only involved in the offensive-side of the ice. He’s a well-rounded defender who plays bigger than his size, showing a high-degree of fearlessness when engaging against larger players. We have seen him deliver some massive hits, sending much bigger player crashing to the ice [...] Romanov has some untapped offensive potential and a well-rounded defensive game, however he’s undersized, doesn’t possess any dynamic qualities, and lacks the high-end puck distribution skills that you want to see out of an offensive-minded defenseman.”

    Fun Facts: Den sovjetiske hockeylegenden Zinetula Bilyaletdinov är Romanovs morfar

    #56 Jacob Olofsson, C, Timrå, 188 cm, 87 kg, SWE
    Hockeyprospects #34
    Future Considerations #31
    ISS Hockey #34
    McKeen's Hockey #33
    NHL Central Scouting #9 (EU skaters)
    Grant McCagg (Recrutes) #46
    Cam Robinson (Dobber Prospects) #37
    Bob McKenzie/TSN #40

    ”He’s got a pro-frame, soft-hands which he can use effortlessly to go around players in one-on-one situations and can skate. We have seen him keep up with some of the faster players in this draft class when aggressively backchecking and he’s good at transitioning the puck from the neutral zone over the offensive-end.”
    ”A smart forward. With the puck on his stick he can react quickly, mixing soft and sharp feeds to his teammates. He’s shown he can handle deployment on both special teams. Defensively, he’s not a cheater. He backchecks hard and work hard along the wall. He doesn’t yet use his size to punish opponents, but he knows how to hit – and how to hit hard.”
    “He looks like a third or fourth line guy for me,” said one eastern conference scout. “Not a hard guy, but he works. Pretty good skater but not an agile skater, and he just doesn't create much.”
    ”Very all-round two-way center. Soft hands and a capable skater. Works hard and has a good frame. Skilled shooter and passer and a very good team player.”
    ”a two-way center with a pro-frame and power to go with it. Could be quicker, but doesn’t show any real holes in his game,”
    ”Strong centre with the ability to distribute and finish with similar effectiveness. Named the top junior players in the Swedish Allsvenskan while helping Timrå to promotion. Not the quickest guy but offers across-the-board skills.”
    ”He is obviously young and that trait may come with age, but the Habs grabbed a player who was ranked primarily in the last first/early second round area, and that is fantastic value for them.”
    ”Standing 6’3’’, scouts rave about his ability to use his frame to skate with speed but also work along the walls. He’s a smart player with definite offensive upside, but he could stand to improve his consistency on that side of the puck.”

    Montreal valde sedan att trada sitt sista val i fjärderundan #62 till Edmonton och fick istället Edmontons val #71 och #133

    #66 Cameron Hills, C, Guelph Storm, 178 cm, 76 kg
    Hockeyprospects #144
    Future Considerations #48
    ISS Hockey #69
    McKeen's Hockey #73
    NHL Central Scouting #67 (NA skaters)
    Grant McCagg (Recrutes) #41
    Cam Robinson (Dobber Prospects) #44

    Bob McKenzie/TSN #61

    ”He reads the play well and makes smart decisions with the puck. Intense shift to shift with his hard cuts and good edgework, he generates chances through the neutral zone by dishing to breaking forwards and, in the offensive end, by working from the boards. Rolling off hits, he excels at being first on the puck and getting it to linemates who can finish it off”
    ” Cam’s playmaking ability and hockey sense are his best assets. He uses a combination of technical fakes and a lethal level of precision when threading passes across the ice, while changing the tempo of a shift in the offensive-zone using his poise and awareness which allows him to play a heavy possession game. This made him an efficient distributor on the powerplay, where he was dangerous along the half-wall and in-front of the slot, making quick one touch passes to his teammates to force goalies to move laterally and open them up for scoring chances.”
    “I love that kid,” gushed one scout in January. “He’s a pure rookie. It’s his first year in the league, and he’s already Guelph’s number-one center. I’d love to get him in the second round.”
    “He’s top 50 for sure,” said another scout in January. “He’s going to be a better NHLer than some of the high profile guys. I think he could creep into the early second. He’s a good kid too, a really nice kid. He’ll find a way.”
    “He’s a smaller guy but he’s got a big engine,” said one scout. “Now is his skill level Giroux or Gallagher? Is his success just going to come from having a high compete, or can he dangle a little bit?”
    ”Cerebral, playmaking centre had a very productive rookie OHL season. His point-per-game output was near the top of the pile for freshmen. Lacks dynamic speed, but owns a smooth stride that generates good power despite his slight stature.”
    ”Smaller in size, but not in heart, Hillis is a high-energy player who works extremely hard on the ice. Great hockey sense combined with solid playmaking skills, in addition to his work ethic, make him a nightmare for opposing defences. Hillis himself mentioned he loved the tenacity in Brendan Gallagher's game and how he tries to bring it every night. Music to Habs fans’ ears everywhere,”

    #71 Jordan Harris, back, Northeastern Univ, 180 cm, 81 kg
    Hockeyprospects #168
    Future Considerations #74
    ISS Hockey #77
    McKeen's Hockey #123
    NHL Central Scouting #44 (NA skaters)
    Grant McCagg (Recrutes)
    Cam Robinson (Dobber Prospects) #113

    Bob McKenzie/TSN #76

    ”Scouts appear to be split on the New Hampshire high schooler’s NHL upside as some raise concerns about his overall hockey sense, but none are arguing over just how talented he is when it comes to his skating. The ‘Kimball Wizard’ will play in the USHL for one season before enrolling at Northeastern.”
    ”An agile skater who can handle himself in the offensive zone, or as part of the breakout game, Harris can quickly turn the play around on opponents in a hurry. Great with his gap control in the defensive zone, Harris is more than capable of handling himself in his own end.”

    Fun Facts: Hans pappa Peter Harris draftades av NY Islanders i den åttonde rundan 1986.

    #97 Allan McShane, C, Oshawa Generals, 180 cm, 84 kg
    Hockeyprospects #101
    Future Considerations #47
    ISS Hockey #63
    McKeen's Hockey #42
    NHL Central Scouting #50 (NA skaters)
    Grant McCagg (Recrutes) #66
    Cam Robinson (Dobber Prospects) #68

    Bob McKenzie/TSN #71

    “Offensively McShane shows good skill to his game, a confident puck handler with the ability to create space with his creativity and puck skills. However he can be limited at times due to the combination of limited size and a short skating stride. While he moves his feet quickly and has good edges, McShane can struggle to generate speed and attack with pace. He shows a good skill set, but Allan needs to play with more urgency to his game and find a consistent compete level that will elevate his game.”
    “A little undersized, he will never be able to physically manhandle other players, so he does not try to, but he is able and willing to take a hit to make a pass and is remarkably quick at recovering after he gets plastered. Two areas where McShane does not have to make do with less are as a playmaker and in terms of his hockey IQ.”
    ”One of the better playmakers in the draft, McShane collected 45 assists this season in a second-line center role behind 2017 NHL second-round Jack Studnicka. By no means a great skater for his size, the hard-working pivot relies on above-average hockey sense and a strong work ethic to outwit opponents on a nightly basis.”
    ”While not the most physically imposing player, McShane is a very cerebral prospect, able to read plays well and choose the best option available. A deft playmaker as well McShane reads as a very good value for his draft position. The only major drawbacks to his game are his skating which needs improvement overall, and to find a consistent effort level night in and night out.”

    Montreal tradade sedan sitt val #102 till San Jose som skickade val #123 och # 139 till Montreal.

    #123 Jack Gorniak, LW, Univ of Wisconsin, 180 cm, 82 kg
    Hockeyprospects #179
    Future Considerations #264
    ISS Hockey #168
    McKeen's Hockey #144
    NHL Central Scouting #87 (NA skaters)
    Grant McCagg (Recrutes) ---
    Cam Robinson (Dobber Prospects) ---

    Bob McKenzie/TSN ---

    ”Gorniak is a speedy, opportunistic center that does a good job in harnessing his speed to use as a weapon. While his playmaking ability is not high end, he is able to create offensive chances by getting himself and the puck to key areas of the ice.”
    ”Gorniak fits the mould of player that Trevor Timmins said he was looking for. He’s not a massive physical specimen by any means, but Gorniak possesses a fantastic skating ability that helps him to create space on the ice.”
    ”Listed as a left-winger and a centre, Gorniak’s versatility may help him down the line, but as it stands it’s likely he spends most of his time on the wing. He is not as flashy as some of the other picks, but with his skating ability he’ll be one to keep an eye on as his NCAA career progresses.”
    “Elite speed and stick. Creates offense off of work and anticipation. Tremendous athlete. Great kid. Wait til you see him skate! It’s impressive.”

    #128 Cole Fonstad, C/LW, Prince Albert Raiders, 178 cm, 72 kg
    Hockeyprospects #108
    Future Considerations #62
    ISS Hockey #93
    McKeen's Hockey #89
    NHL Central Scouting #65 (NA skaters)
    Grant McCagg (Recrutes)
    Cam Robinson (Dobber Prospects) #94

    Bob McKenzie/TSN #82

    ”Cole’s best quality is his vision and ability to find the open man. He quarterbacked the Raiders powerplay all season. He makes the passes that you don’t expect him to make. Cole has the ability to seemingly gain the offensive blue-line at will. (...) His hockey IQ is far ahead of his age. (...) His downfall is his defensive ability and aggressiveness. He got pushed around at times down low and had a tendency to lose puck battles.”
    ”As was readily apparent at both the CHL Top Prospects Game and the U-18’s, Fonstad is going to have to work diligently on increasing his skating speed. There will need to be significant improvements before he can keep up to the NHL pace. No shortage of offensive skills, though, and he’ll likely go in the top three rounds.”
    ”While not the fleetest skater, Fonstad never stops moving on the ice, and he shows a willingness to jump in on plays all over the zone if given the chance. His defensive game is a work in progress, but where he shines is with the puck on his stick.”
    ”Slick while moving with the puck, and smart in the passing game, Fonstad is a very dangerous player if given any time and space in the offensive zone. He was rated much higher than 128th by every major scouting service, meaning the Canadiens once again grabbed major value with this pick.”

    #133 Samuel Houde, C, Chicoutimi Saguenéens, 183 cm, 73 kg
    Hockeyprospects ---
    Future Considerations #290
    ISS Hockey #197
    McKeen's Hockey ---
    NHL Central Scouting #132 (NA skaters)
    Grant McCagg (Recrutes) ---
    Cam Robinson (Dobber Prospects) ---

    Bob McKenzie/TSN ---

    ”He was a great playmaker, with great puck poise and excellent vision. He was also a player who had slight frame; a lot of projection with him was once he would mature physically, he would even more dangerous on the ice. Now almost two years later, Houde has grown a bit, but he is still undersized and still has a slight frame, weighing around 160 pounds.”
    ”Houde was yet another centre draft pick, this time coming from Chicoutimi in the QMJHL. Not highly touted like others in the draft, Houde is more of a project pick by the Canadiens, and with 11 selections total there isn’t any harm in this choice. A centre with good vision and a willingness to shoot isn’t a bad thing in the slightest, and some scouts believe some of his potential has yet to be met.”

    Montreal tradade val #139 som de fick från San Jose till Chicago för Blackhawks val i femterundan 2019.

    Montreal valde sedan att trada till sig Philadelphias val i den sjunde rundan #190 för sitt egna val i den sjunde rundan 2019.

    #190 Brett Stapley, C, Univ. Of Denver, 178 cm, 77 kg
    Hockeyprospects ---
    Future Considerations #159
    ISS Hockey ---
    McKeen's Hockey ---
    NHL Central Scouting #177 (NA skaters)
    Grant McCagg (Recrutes) ---
    Cam Robinson (Dobber Prospects) ---

    Bob McKenzie/TSN ---

    ”Smaller in stature, Stapley shines as an offensive piece, playing at close to or above a point-per-game pace his last two years in the BCHL. He’s a great distributor of the puck and handles it well with it on his stick. He’s fairly adept on the defensive side of the puck, allowing him to take up a regular role as a penalty killer.”
    ”Despite some skating and size concerns, Stapley is the kind of pick you make this late in the draft. Not that long ago Montreal grabbed an unknown kid from a smaller league in Ontario, and he blossomed into a great NCAA player before getting set to begin his professional career in the Canadiens organization this fall. Maybe Stapley can do the same.”

    Efter att Habs draftat sin elfte spelare genomförde man en trade med Edmonton Oilers där man skickade målvaktstalangen Hayden Hawkey för ett draftval i den femte rundan 2019. det gör att Montreal nu har 1 val i första rundan, 1 val i andrarundan, 1 val i tredjerundan, 2 val i fjärderundan, 2 val i femterundan och 1 val i sjätterundan 2019 dvs sammanlagt 8 draftval (två val har redan tidigare använts i trader för David Schlemko och Mike Reilly).

    Ni som läste min artikel inför draften ser att jag bara fick ett enda rätt i min gissning men att Habs skulle få Olofsson, Hillis, McShane och Fonstad med de val som de valde dem med tror jag att ingen i sin vildaste fantasi kunnat föreställa sig.

    Nu skiftar fokus till att ge de RFA som man vill behålla ett qualifying offer senast på måndag den 25 juli, de flesta som Habs vill behålla bör redan ha fått det men laget måste registrera sina erbjudande hos NHL senast på måndag kväll svensk tid. Följande spelare skulle bli RFA den 1 juli: Daniel Carr, Phillip Danault, Jacob de la Rose, Markus Eisenschmid, Zach Fucale, Jeremy Grégoire, Mike McCarron, Tom Parisi, Kerby Rychel, Logan Shaw och Rinat Valiev. Valiev har redan signats och Eisenschmid återvänder till Tyskland (Habs kan fortfarande ge honom ett QO för att behålla hans rättigheter som man gjorde med Max Friberg förra året). Fem (Carr, Danault, de la Rose, Parisi och Shaw) av spelarna har arbritration rights dvs. om parterna inte kommer överens kan spelarna eller laget begära att en oberoende ”domare” avgör hur nästa kontrakt ska se ut.

    Precis innan jag hade tänkt lägga upp artikeln meddelade Habs att de gett QO till Phillip Danault, Jacob de La Rose, Mike McCarron och Kerby Rychel. Det betyder att Daniel Carr, Markus Eisenschmid, Jeremy Grégoire, Tom Parisi och Logan Shaw inte fick något QO, det behöver inte betyda att inte de fem inte kan komma att signas av Habs men då behöver de skriva på ett kontrakt som inte ger den lönehöjning som det nuvarande avtalet innebär.

    På Twitter: @DaugHabs
    2018-06-25 23:35:00


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